What’s it all about?

On the 19th March every year, National Aardvark Day is when we celebrate our favourite inquisitive friend, the Aardvark. The natural habitat of the aardvark is sub-Saharan Africa and they are nocturnal.

In fact they only come out of their burrows for a few hours every night, so they are seldom seen. Aardvarks mostly eat ants and termites, but also the “Aardvark Cucumber” (Cucumis Humifructus), which relies on the aardvark eating the fruits to propogate its seeds.

The aardvark has long ears like a rabbit, a snout somewhat similar to a pig, and a tail a bit like a kangaroo, but actually there are no close relatives to the aardvark. In fact, the nearest thing to an aardvark is an elephant!

Aardvark Facts

Each aardvark will eat around 30,000 ants per night

Its very difficult to know whether an aardvark is male or female. Zoos often use DNA tests to tell.

An aardvark can dig a yard of tunnel in around 5 minutes

Aardvarks are not related to anteaters. Their similarities are a result of convergent evolution

Aardvark means ‘Earth Pig’ in early Afrikaans

They have four toes on the front feet, but five toes on the rear feet

Aardvarks are colourblind, but they can see at night

An aardvark’s tongue is up to 30cm long

When aardvarks feel threatened, they will run in a zig zag fashion to avoid predators

Famous Aardvarks

Arthur cartoon character wearing glasses, read shirt and blue trousers

Hey Arthur

Who knew Arthur Read was an aardvark? He is a bit short in the snout and ears for our liking, but an all-round decent guy, so happy to welcome him into the fold.

Otis the aardvark

Otis the Aardvark

Clearly more recognisable as an aardvark, sassy puppet Otis featured on children’s BBC in the 1990s

The Ant & The Aardvark

50 years ago, this blue aardvark chased around this red ant in a series of shorts alongside the Pink Panther

I’m an Aardvark Song

Sesame Street

I’m an aardvark, and I’m proud!
I’m an aardvark, and I’m happy!
I’m an aardvark,
If I try to be specific
And a little scientific,
I am feeling quite terrific!

I’m an aardvark, fierce and free!
I’m an aardvark, standing bravely!
I’m an aardvark,
And I’m tough and smart and strong
And always right,
And that’s the way I’ll always be …

Until I meet another aardvark
Who’s bigger than me!

Giant Aardvarks

This is the 30m long Feestaardvarken (Party Aardvark) in Arnhem, Holland. It was created in 2013 by Florentijn Hofman to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Burger’s Zoo. 

This giant aardvark stands outside the Planet Baobab camp, near Gweta on the Makgadigadi Pans in Botswana.